Bebek Plus Soft Spout Bottles (2 Pack)


  • BEBEK Training cups (8oz) and SenseFlo? Soft Spout, part of our Plus+ line are perfectly designed for easy transitioning.
  • This set includes two Plus+ Soft Spout Cups (8oz)
  • BEBEK Soft and Flexible Spout training cups feature a unique ergonomic shape, easy grip  and spouts designed for non-spilling.
  • Perfect for babies final transition.
  • Patented SenseFlo? natural response spout technology, is designed so that the second baby sucks; liquid comes out preventing air bubbles.
  • Bebek Plus+ design is perfect for babies transitioning stage and provides the most natural and comfortable feeding time.
  • Our Plus+ Cups are made of polypropylene, BPA/PVC free, with no complex parts to assemble.

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